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Alone In The Night
by Holly Webb

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Jasmine is thrilled when her neighbors ask her to cat-sit while they are away for Christmas. Now she'll be able to spend her whole vacation with their beautiful cat, Star.

The Wright 3
by Blue Balliett Books

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I think this book is a good mysterybook. It talks about how a group of kids try saving a house that was built by somebody named Frank Lloyd Wright in the town of Hyde Park in 1920’s.They want to smash the house and send parts of it to museums. The house was a big part of Hyde Park and they dont want to lose it.

by Raina Telgemeier

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This book is about how Raina who is the main character.Was afraid of vomiting. So she went to therapy and at therapy she found a way to avoided vomiting.She needed to stop stressing about things.

The Blood Of Olympus
by Rick Riordan

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This book is the best, especially the last battle, God's came down and joined with the awesome seven. Jason is the best, not as good as Percy though but he came back to life even after getting impaled by Imperial Gold.

The Fault In Our Stars
by John Green

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this book is my favorite of all time. it brings out so many emotions including happiness, sadness, anger... the love story between the two patients sick with different diseases really adds to the story. i loved this book and recommend it to anyone who loves emotional stories.

Percy Jackson Battle Of The Labyrinth
by Rick Riordan

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It was kind of sad when Nico lost his sister in the last book but it was definitely outrageous when a ghost used it against everyone. Give it to Percy to save the day again. Not enough thrilling battles but I liked it.

Son Of Neptune
by Rick Riordan

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Percy has to be the GOAT, like is he not the greatest. He beat them Romans like its child play. They kept trying to stop him from entering the fort but that team was too crazy to be stopped. Hazel made her curse into a blessing with the help of Frank. His shape sifting is so awesome even though through out the whole book he was so slow to understand his powers like the answer is right there.

by Crystal Smith

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Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!

Oscar's Lonely Christmas
by Holly Webb

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Hannah has always wanted a dog can't believe her luck when her parents finally say yes. Better yet,they're getting a Dalmatian- Hannah's dream dog. The puppy Oscar, loves Hannah and soon settles into his new home. But as it gets closer to Christmas, Hannah needs to rehearse for her school play, and has less and less time for long walks and game with her puppy. Oscar feels lonely and neglected. Why doesn't Hannah want to be with him anymore? Read this book to find out why.

Kids Speak 7
by Chaim Walder

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This collection of short stories about kids like you is a great book to read to understand kids more

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