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Son Of Neptune
by Rick Riordan

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Percy has to be the GOAT, like is he not the greatest. He beat them Romans like its child play. They kept trying to stop him from entering the fort but that team was too crazy to be stopped. Hazel made her curse into a blessing with the help of Frank. His shape sifting is so awesome even though through out the whole book he was so slow to understand his powers like the answer is right there.

Percy Jackson Battle Of The Labyrinth
by Rick Riordan

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It was kind of sad when Nico lost his sister in the last book but it was definitely outrageous when a ghost used it against everyone. Give it to Percy to save the day again. Not enough thrilling battles but I liked it.

by Crystal Smith

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Spoiler alert! I was so shocked to find out that the harbinger, the spirit that Aurelia has been seeing is Aren. Aren is the sister of Cael, the founder. Cael killed his sister five hundred years ago. her blood creating the bloodleaf. Cael took over Toris's body when Toris went to the assembly years ago. While doing so he killed Toris. I felt so many emotions when i found out that Aren gave Aurelia her spark of life when she was a baby to save her. I love this book so much

Naruto Manga
by Masashi Kishimoto

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Naruto is one of my favorite manga set with its fight and story

The Lost Hero
by Rick Riordan

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This book is straight fire like, how Jason did the impossible by coning back to life even after seeing Hera’s true form is crazy. Wish I had powers like he did.

by Maggie Stiefvater

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I love this book so much because it infuses the two things I love : music and fantasy to make a story that interest you a lot. The character I hate the most is Deedee because she never knew or pretended that the main character liked her. She was annoying . I just hated her. She pretends to be oblivious but she knows the truth.James was amazing because he was to get better at the bagpipes but he also didn't want to sell his soul out. However, there was time where I thought he was dumb because he was knocking on death door.

The Skeletons Strike Back
by Winter Morgan Minecraft Books

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The book was full of action, had lots of funny moments and had a very nice ending.

Percy Jackson Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

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The book was awesome. My two favorite parts was when Percy gave his bully Clarisse the toilet shower and when he started to beat everyone after being healed by water during the battle of capture the flag.

by Paragon

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This book described types of dinosaurs and their lifestyle. My favorite dinosaur is the T-rex.

Bud Not Buddy
by Christopher Paul Curtis

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This book was about a boy who was in foster care because his mother died. So now then he went on a journey to find his father. So he found a man he thought was his father but actually his grandfather.(is crazy right).

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